Chaya Kismet Barbie Patin


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Designed & Developed by the awesome Barbara Luciana, these skates are perfect for the park and very affordable! They are super comfortable and come complete with a set of grindblocks! Get ready to shred with these Kismet Barbie Patin skates!

  • Boot: An extremely comfortable yet supportive mid-cut
  • Liners: Shock absorbent – EVA foam integrated insole & extra padding
  • Upper: Durable blue denim
  • Boot Guard: Durable wrap around (abrasion resistant + real leather)
  • Frame Plate: Shari park plate (nylon + fiberglass reinforced + 20º + offset toe stop + power toe system)
  • Grind Block: Asymmetrical grind block as standard (removable)
  • Closures: Laces
  • Wheels: High-quality OCTO wheels​ – Paseo Park (59mm, 92a)
  • Bearings: Wicked
  • Bearing Type: 608
  • Toe Stopper: Chaya Controller toe stop (blue + mid-size footprint + durable)